Karigo Msuya

2021 Karigo large16 years old, attending UWC East Africa, Moshi, Tanzania. Karigo was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2020.

Karigo has worked hard on his understanding of the IB curriculum and has been rewarded with an M5 Award for Best Improvement in his year and a higher subject average than the previous year. He has attained mostly 5s and 6s (high quality work) in his end of year grades. An able student, he has great potential.

In sport, Karigo has represented his school in the U19 basketball and football teams and participated in his first ever swim galas. He has developed his general fitness and running, improving his sprint speed and his 5km times. He was an ambassador for both his school’s MUN and the EAMUN and also performed at an Arts evening at school.

This year, Karigo has made a great effort to develop his social skills, meeting new people at several school events and getting to know his Beacon buddy. He has spent time guiding new students, organising a movie-night for kindergarten and also some basketball-themed events, and helping organise the graduations for his own and another year group.

Karigo has worked with the Smokeless Kitchen Service as Action as a group leader, completing four stoves for community members so they can now cook food safely. He organised a fundraising sports event to help build a house for a local Masai woman and has been working on projects recycling and repurposing plastics.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Karigo's 2022 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about creating awareness of, and solutions to, the problem of plastic pollution in Dar es Salaam.

In Leadership Workshops, Karigo is articulate and well-spoken with good critical thinking skills.