Nancy Oundo

Nancy large

21 years old, attending Cardiff University. Nancy was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2021.

Nancy is studying towards an LLB in Law. She has had an excellent first year at Cardiff University, achieving a First overall. She widened her interest in Law beyond her course, by joining a study group to discuss ideas and attending a series of Law talks on diverse topics. The Royal Literary Fund helped her improve her writing skills, whilst a course on Dispute Resolution developed her analytical skills.

Nancy shows a great flair for languages, achieving a distinction at the end of each term in a university-run Spanish course, learning both oral and reading skills. Following a short tennis course in the Autumn Term, Nancy continued to play throughout the year for enjoyment with friends, as well as maintaining her fitness by jogging and walking.

As a member of the Afro Caribbean Society, Nancy took part in social activities such as a ‘cook-out’ event. Joining the Law Society offered her an opportunity to participate in a ‘Speed Moot’ competition, as well as networking opportunities. As an Academic Rep, she garnered students’ opinions and fed back to them on course-related matters.

Nancy applied to volunteer for Support Through Court, and to work as a university Resident Life Assistant. She took an active role in raising money for the Bare Necessities Charity’s Christmas appeal and hopes to organise further fundraising events for them next year.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Nancy’s 2022 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about carrying out summer school academic coaching at East Kololo Primary School in Uganda.

In Leadership Workshops, Nancy grew in confidence as the year progressed, feeling increasingly able to make contributions. Nancy commented that the Workshops have taught her how to give constructive feedback and to successfully work with the dynamics of a team, as well as improving her presentation skills.