Ella Obonyo

Ella large19 years old, attending Imperial College London, UK. Ella was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in May 2021.

Ella is studying towards a BSc in Medical Biosciences, having achieved AA*A* in Maths, Chemistry and Biology in her A-Levels at St Andrew’s School, Turi, where she was awarded the Turi Leadership Award with distinction.

Ella was an active member of the football and basketball teams, holding the position of Assistant Captain, and represented the school in various other sports and tour events.  She took part in the World Scholar’s Cup programme focusing on debating and persuasive writing, and achieving Senior Honour Level. She also enjoys jewellery-making and learning new skills.

As a volunteer, Ella participated in service expeditions including teaching Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) to Year 6’s in an underprivileged school. Ella is also a frequent leader and contributor to faith sessions, and always willing to give her time to help others. She is confident, challenges others and is not afraid to ask for help.

During her gap year, Ella enrolled in a St John’s Ambulance First Aid course and has participated in blood drives and medical camps promoting screening for disease and healthy nutrition. Ella assisted in the delivery and treatment of babies at County Hospital during a 2-week work experience in 2019. She currently volunteers with Clean Up Kenya, focusing on inclusivity in conservation for all.

Beacon Workshop Participation

As a new Beacon Scholar, Ella spoke about her service activities. She volunteered at the Kenya Red Cross Society where she helped with their youth programme activities including sensitizing the community on the importance of vaccination.