Amwene Etiang

Amwene Etiang photo large

21 years old, from Uganda, attending the University of Bristol. Amwene was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in May 2021.

Amwene is studying towards an LLB in Law. With good results across all her modules this year, she achieved a 2.1 level overall. Amwene maintains high grades by prioritising and managing her time effectively, planning essay questions every two weeks to aid her study, and further supports her legal studies by working as a volunteer Legal Assistant for a Legal Aid clinic.

Amwene enjoys tennis and won matches for the university team in both singles and doubles against the University of Bath, as well as participating in two singles matches in the Club Championships, winning one. She trains regularly, has recently begun to practise yoga, and trains with the basketball squad.

Amwene is a talented writer and uses her skills for a variety of causes and issues: she produced a report for 'Unseen UK', a charity supporting modern slavery victims; she writes articles for the Student Lawyer, which she also shares via a Blog and her LinkedIn page, and a monthly Tennis Club newsletter. She has a keen interest in sports and the law, and the articles she writes and shares reflect this.


Beacon Workshop Participation

Amwene’s 2023 Summer Beacon Citizen Project, was about organising a tennis and academic tutoring holiday club at East Kololo Primary School in Kampala.

In Leadership Workshops, Amwene is an active team member who takes the initiative promptly and leads when needed. Her positive energy is infectious.