Amwene Etiang

Amwene Etiang photo large20 years old, attending the University of Bristol. Amwene was awarded a Beacon Scholarship for University in May 2021.

Amwene is studying towards an LLB in Law. She has become more focused and analytical in her approach to her studies over the course of her first year. She set herself good targets to keep up with the workload, which she mostly met, and consulted other scholars for advice on this. She achieved an overall 2.2 in her first year.

Amwene was selected for the university tennis team and played two matches against Bath, narrowly losing. She attends the gym regularly and joined an intramural netball team. She joined the Afrolit society, attending some meetings, and had her own short story published in the UN ECA anthology. She campaigned for and was elected to be Vice President of the university tennis club. She writes an African history blog, and both published articles and recruited five writers for it. She has attended some seminars and a careers event.


Beacon Workshop Participation

Amwene’s 2022 Summer Beacon Citizen Project, was about organising a tennis holiday club at East Kololo Primary School in Kampala.

In Leadership Workshops, Amwene is a problem-solver who gives quality contributions and well thought-out answers. She has a good sense of creative and lateral thinking.