Betty Kunyada

2021 Betty large15 years old, attending St. Andrew's School, Turi. Betty was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in February 2012.

Betty sets her standards high and works hard to achieve her goals. She has maintained top grades in many of her subjects this year, despite the difficulties of online learning, scoring many 7s, 8s and even 9; she has particularly excelled in History. Betty has shown a real enthusiasm for drama and has managed to retain her place in set 1 for Maths.

She has been practising her London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) pieces this year and is now working towards her Grade 6. Betty has continued with clarinet and is hoping to take her Grade 4 next year. Although no external competitions and events have been possible, she has attended choir and orchestra practice and participated in interhouse football, netball and rounders.

Betty has been a member of the School Worship Band and led in one of the events. She has been a ‘listening ear’ to support her peers and has been successful in her application to be a Peer Counsellor. Training for this will commence next year. She shared her knowledge in various subjects with other students, helping them with their challenges.

She has been carrying out a range of activities working her way to gaining her Bronze badge on the Presidential Award Scheme. She has attended Model United Nations (MUN) meetings, has worked in her tree nursery and successfully distributed 200 trees to families. Betty has also become involved in a new charity raising money for children with cancer. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

Betty's 2021 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about helping the community to plant trees to generate income.

In Leadership Workshops, she is thorough in her work, rehearses and is a good contributor. Betty has grown in confidence through the year, takes criticism positively and has improved in the clarity and delivery of her public speaking.