Betty Kunyada

Betty Large

13 years old, attending St. Andrew's Senior School, Turi, Kenya. Betty was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in February 2012.

A focused, responsible and creative pupil, Betty has gained excellent CE exam results, achieving four Ss (equivalent to A*), five As and one B. All her effort and progress grades were 1s and 2s. She contributes well in class and met all her targets.

She plays the clarinet in the school orchestra and the Wind Ensemble, has taken her Grade 3 exam, and was chosen for Orchestra Weekend. As a member of the choir she took part in a choir festival. She was a stand-out performer in the school play and has taken her Grade 4 LAMDA exam. She represented the school at high jump and was in the hockey team.

Betty was awarded Good Citizen status and, because of her positive influence on the school community, she was made a Prefect. She represented her tutor group on the Student Council, regularly attending meetings, liaising with staff and student bodies. She has helped fellow students with their work, and is popular and well respected by her peers.

Betty worked with children at the Turi Children’s Project, taking a leading role amongst the students who visited. She helped with the Turi breakfast Project, serving children at local schools. She was involved with the Micah project, took part in fundraising activities, including a leading role at the Guides’ Hog Charge, and ran a stall at Love in Action Fete.

Betty's parents are both social workers with The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme which supports over 4,000 orphans, many as a result of HIV/AIDS. A charity sponsor is committed to providing support for Betty's education.

Beacon Workshop Participation

Betty's 2018 Summer Beacon Citizenship Project was about planting trees to save our planet. 

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At Leadership Workshops, Betty is active and outgoing and contributes well in the plenary sessions, using positive body language and gestures. Her Citizenship Project presentation was clear, confident and engaged the audience.