Trevor Hannington

Trevor Hannington large18 years old, attending the University of Surrey, UK. Trevor was awarded a Beacon Scholarship in June 2022.

Trevor is studying towards an LLB in Law with International Relations, including a professional training year. Prior to that, he was at Brookhouse School, Nairobi.

During his time at school, Trevor made the most of extra-curricular opportunities available to him: he left an indelible mark in school drama productions - a talented actor, he was involved with six school productions, often playing the lead role. He is also an outstanding sportsman, was goalkeeper for the school soccer team, and participated in interhouse football, rugby, athletics and cross-country events.

Trevor is a confident, eloquent speaker and has proved himself to be very good at mobilising his peers. He held various leadership roles during his time at school including Senior Prefect, House Captain, Drama Captain, and school Soccer Captain. As senior Prefect he coordinated the Prefect Mentorship Programme, overseeing all the mentors, and himself mentoring a Year 9 class for 3 hours per week.

He is a very engaged citizen and won the prestigious Brookhouse Service Award for his work on school service projects and for leading on fundraising initiatives such as ‘Special Break’ and ‘Christmas Bucket’. He oversaw the training of younger students to take over these projects before leaving. 

Beacon Workshop Participation

As a new Beacon Scholar, Trevor spoke about his current service activities, in particular his work supporting food banks for disadvantaged families near his home.